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Enviromental Management System Policy


Accomplishing the contribution of the whole our employees to our continuous fulfillment of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety provisions in all our activities and enhancement of these systems among the operations of the enterprise through a substantial internal communication and training, utilizing the natural resources efficiently, full obedience to law and preventing pollution, diminishing wastes caused from our operations primarily at their sources and removing them by appropriate methods, providing a continuous and sustainable improvement and development by means of reviews based on effective data analyses are our primary duties.

As the employees of the Erciyes Steel Rope, we will do our best for environmental protection by utilizing appropriate technologies for protecting wild life and adopting and implementing environmental management principles.

• To respect all local and national legal provisions, legislations, and administrative arrangements and regulations related to environment.

• To diminish pollution in source by considering environmental impacts to our products and processes. 

• To take precautions to reducing our utilization of natural resources such as electricity, fuel and water consumption as well as raw materials.

• To take precautions for reducing wastes arising from our operations, reusing or recycling to the greatest extent possible.

• To raise the awareness of our employees and train them to gain the sense of individual responsibility to be successful in environmental protection.

 • Our main Environmental policy is to improve our environmental standard collectively by means of collaborations with national and local governmental institutions, other industrial enterprises and other suppliers.

We publicly declare and undertake to introduce working environments in compliance with qualified living standards, to fulfill the conditions necessary for human health and safety to our greatest extent possible, to protect and improve the environment together with all our employees, suppliers and customer in order to transfer the heritage to next generations in a better condition within the context of international rules.

Necessary precautions within our company will be taken so as to make use of recyclable wastes, to reduce utilization of limited natural resources, to prevent pollution arising from environmentally hazardous wastes, to protect natural assets, not to impact wild life, not to harm the environment and to achieve positive developments. Wastes are provided to be disposed at source if possible or to be reused and disposed by means of recycling. A special attention will be paid for using environment-friendly materials and process to the greatest extent possible, developing environment-friendly products and encouraging their utilization. Laws and regulations related to us concerning environment will be respected. Necessary practices will be conducted in order to continuously develop our environmental management system. We are going to involve and pioneer activities for enhancing the sensitivity of our community to environment. Our employees will be encouraged to take an active role in non-governmental organizations and formations within the context of the specified rules.

Necessary precautions will be taken for achieving active participation of our employees in the efforts for continuously developing environmental success based on an awareness of individual responsibility and for raising this awareness by means of effective information flow and training.


Occupational Health and Safety Management System Policy


Preventing occupational accidents by mitigating risks and hazards to which the health and safety of our employees are exposed and developing our occupational health and safety system on a continuous basis are our primary duties.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Policy is;

• To respect all local and national laws, regulations, and standards related to occupational health and safety,

• To evaluate all risks of occupational illnesses and the other issues of Occupational Health and Safety and to take protective precautions,

• To aim at a minimum number of occupational illnesses and accidents by eliminating hazards at source by the contribution of the whole employees,

• To develop systems for minimizing our casualties and damages in a potential accident or emergency to be occurred during our operations,

• To train our employees on occupational health and safety for achieving success and continuous development.

Our goal is minimum occupational accidents, minimum work loss.

Working through improving the knowledge and awareness levels of our employees who are working in our facility from a viewpoint “human health and safety come first” philosophy and providing all conditions required by law for the occupational health and safety of our employees are our primary duties.

The system has been developed by considering all the risks to which the employees of the existing facility could be exposed.

The system has been created with flexibility for adapting to changing and developing conditions and is being operated in compliance with the continuous development principal.

All regulations and administrative arrangements applicable in Turkey related to occupational health and safety are respected.

The system is documented and currently being maintained.

The whole employees of the enterprise are provided with trainings in order to make them aware of the individual responsibilities introduced by the system.

The system documentation is available for the employees.

The system is being reviewed periodically.

Preparation, approval, publication, revision and announcement of the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety policies are made pursuant to the “Document Control Operation”.